Why this surgery?

Your surgery was designed to bring additional blood supply to the area of lower limb/ upper limb, where it was deprived of blood before. This deprivation was due to the narrowing of the arteries supplying the muscle.

Vascular Bypass Surgery

A vein from your leg/arm or an artificial graft is used to bypass (go around) the blockage of the artery. The removal of the vein from the leg is not harmful. If a vein cannot be used for the bypass graft is used. One end of the vein is attached to the artery above the blockage and the other end is fixed below the blockage.


A balloon catheter is pushed up to the affected area. The balloon is then inflated to break up the hard plaque. In case, the artery has lost its elasticity and does not remain open after balloon angioplasty, the doctor places a stent. A stent is a tube metal wire to provide support to the blood vessel walls.

Foot pain while taking rest and pain in the legs while walking are due to the insufficient blood flow. Angioplasty significantly improves the blood flow and diminishes the pain. Even the wounds heal remarkably well.

Please follow these, to Get Well soon:

Before the Surgery

1 You will be kept on fasting for about 8hrs. Meanwhile the IV fluids will supply the adequate nutrition to your body.
2 You may be given an injection at the back (epidural analgesia) to manage pain.
3 After the surgery you will be shifted to ICU for a day for observation.
4 You will have a catheter in your bladder to monitor your urine output for about two days.S