What is Peripheral Arterial Disease ?

Your arteries carry blood that is rich in oxygen and nutrients from your heart to the rest of your body. When these arteries in your legs get blocked, your legs do not receive enough blood or oxygen, and you may have a condition called Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

What are the symptoms of lower limb PAD ?

In early stages of the disease, that is when artery is partially blocked it would cause pain in your legs while you walk, but in late stages it could give rise to a non-healing ulcer in the foot, blackish discoloration of your toes or would cause severe pain even at rest more so at night.

What are the Other treatment options ?

If you have limb threatening limb ischemia or if your symptoms do not improve with above measures then you will have to undergo some procedures which would correct the block in your arteries. There are broadly 2 types of treatment

Balloon Angioplasty: Here blocks in your artery is corrected by breaking through the block with a balloon which is placed in the diseased artery through a small pin prick in your groin.

Limb Bypass Surgery: In patients who are not suitable for Balloon angioplasty a bypass operation is done to get the blood below the blocked segment of the artery from a healthy segment above